When and how are you most vulnerable? When you start to think about vulnerability, all the myriad vulnerabilities we as human beings have every day, it can be overwhelming. But not all of these need to be shielded. It can feel good, and necessary to open up and share these frailties, and not have them preyed upon.

Personally, I feel most vulnerable when I am trying something; when people know there is a goal I am pursuing, or when sharing any sort of creative endeavor. Tarot reading is one such endeavor. To read for others, you need to open yourself up and not self- censor. Self censoring is a rational thing to do to protect ourselves.

Oh no. I couldn’t say that, the other person will react badly towards me.

But if we hide the truth, we do a disservice to ourselves and to our querent. Be open. Let it all out. If there looks like bad news, couch it in terms that will make it most palatable, let them know fate isn’t written in stone, give them options, empower them to take action … but tell the truth. If what you see is different from orthodox, still tell YOUR truth. The reader is there for a reading from you. You are the interpreter.

And that makes them vulnerable. They are trusting you.

The Strength card is a graceful depiction of two beings allowing themselves to be exposed to danger. Each must trust, they must be willing to take the chance.

Another level of vulnerability is opened up when offering readings professionally. You are judged harshly from so many perspectives.

  • People who think it is wrong to take money for this service.
  • People who think they know more than you.
  • People who think tarot is sinful or wrong.
  • People who just think you are doing it wrong.
  • Your own insecurities and self doubt.

If you feel called to do this, you have to be strong and self confident, tough enough to take what comes your way, but not so tough that you are closed off and unsympathetic to the seeker.

The 8 of Swords is defenseless as well. Hers does not seem to be by choice. There is a big difference between opening up to someone or some option and having the option or submission forced upon you.

In these 2 depictions of this card (one from an RWS deck, the other from “The Magician Longs to See” we can see the seeker on the left and the reader on the right. The seeker is in a tough spot and can’t see her way out. The reader can’t see exactly what the seeker does, but can see the peril and tries to guide her through.

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